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whole, mango and orange are in daily life Zuo giving leads the fresh fruit with taller relativity completely, and the taste of mango and orange is very first-rate also, because this also sufferred the warm reception of major person. And there is a difference in the taste of mango and orange, thoroughly perfect mango is pure sweet, and major case issues the orange the feeling with appreciably sour acid. At the moment if take mango and orange supplement together,everybody also can consider, whether can you cause the undesirable effect of bromatoxism? Mango orange is the fresh fruit with nutrient very high class status completely. Orange and mango eat the health of body and mind of human body of not easy influence山东鲁信建筑材料有限公司 together, and these 2 kinds feed material to eat together, in the light of human body character also is better, it is to have certain effect to a lot of disease, and nutrition is become component is some higher also, have reduce hematic fat, be good at lienal appetizing, prevent invigorate the circulation of blood of muscle of cancer, easy, hurried to digest. Mango can not eat together with whatMango can not mix the excitant food such as the head of garlic eats together: Because the flesh of mango is golden color is honey and juicily, and fragrance is alluring, beneficial stom建筑模板多少钱一块ach stops spit. Additionally exocarp can seductively dressed or made up cure eczema dermatitis. But need not the thing with hot food takes together, eat the nephritic function harm to the person more. When eating mango, want advertent do not suit1, mango cannot be taken after play knife and fork, cannot wait for hot food material to be taken each other with the head of garlic, otherwise, can let a

person become yellow ill, show level, its principle is not clear still, but it is Fan Su experience is shared. Occupy contemporary report again, because eat overmuch mango,have and the ill case that causes nephritis, reason is become advertent. 2, the person of quick sex constitution can cause mango leaf or juice opposite dermatitis, reason is become advertent. 3, mango, it is the fresh fruit that seldom counts rich albumen, eat more easy full. It says on traditional pattern can the beneficial eye, skin that be filled with embellish, estimation is the account that contains Hu Luobo element. Its nucleus also can make officinal value, can sluggish of dispel poisonous disappear, fall blood pressure. 4, analyse according to effect of tuckahoe of preserve one’s health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the gender makes the same score mango vest in flavour pleasant, stop to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid yearningly stop thirsty Xian Guo. Eat raw can sto临沂市君利木业有限公司贸易部p vomit, rule airsick wave, effect and acerbity word plum are same. Not be used to by ship person, slight corneal opacity of the chest after getting shake fully is frowsty, why to become mango ” medicine ” . Pregnant woman is made frowsty queasy when, can eat mango flesh to perhaps dine with mango decoct water. Want exclusively advertent is, mango character takes wet poison, if oneself body has dermatosis or tumor, should write down closely prevent to dine. 5, ” wet ” it is medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine because of,learn cause of disease of on 6 hair one of. Dermatosis is like come to a head of ulcer of eczema, sore, disease of department of gynaecology is like secretion, medical disease is like oedema, n/med beriberi to wait, can say ” wet ” , fitness area is wet person dine wet poisonous food is like mango again, may cause a condition evil change. The person can worry about instead some, eat mango to make whelk promotion, this thought is belonged to filter. Mango crudely when, position of fruit the base of a fruit can appear the ooze outside milky liquid juice, estimation this may be allergic reaction reason. Anyway, the heat inside deficiency of yin with irritability coughs (larynx is urticant phlegmy white) 广西建筑模板厂AOperson should prevent to dine, make guttural mark urticant in case. And asthmatic patient, give up of enjoin of Fu of doctor of Yi Yingzun abide eats. Actually, more than traditional Chinese medical science learns to this exhorts, western medicine respect also is to have bring in宜森木业有限公司to mango detail of asthmatic avoid mouth. The basis makes experience artificially originally, even if oneself did not have more sensitive person, eat many mango to also can have the feeling of aphonia immediately at a heat.

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