American man network searchs pedigree of a clan to discover his or be British the ground is kingly (graph)

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China Daily net on September 10 report (letter lotus) this is the spadger in a real life changes the story of phoenix. A man of American protects 简易施工方案模板AMarea of Drew law husband greatly (the pedigree of a clan that David Drew Howe) searchs him on the network, discover oneself are ground of British emperor family member awesomely graceful island (t

he 建发木业有限公司king of Isle Of Man) , he is tak庆泰木业有限公司ing wife清水模板 an

d daughter to be visited to graceful island in May child civilian, itinerary more be patted newsreel.

Network of area of husband of American man magic art finds a root, him discovery may be kingly. (pi建筑用模板IKcture origin: American media)

According to ” new York Post ” 8 days of reports, law husband area lives in American Maryland city, he begins to use website to find a root 9 years ago, a man that is in England sees 建筑模板批发市场AUparalell connection fastens law husband area to say, the ancestor of his mom one party may be sansei of benefit of Si Tan of the king before Manx (Thomas Stanley III) . He ever was in ” London constitution

signs u潍坊盛泰木业p for ” him announcement is royal blood standing, but be criticized by media and dweller of a few graceful islands later he is making imperial dream.

Graceful island between place England and Scotland, population makes an appointment with 85000 people. Although the dweller on partial island does not agree with the kingship of law husband area, but he says to hope visit has positive result: I think check has may not become king, because I am very serious ground look upon my identity.

Law husband area is in tour of inspection during graceful island, learn local culture, dialect and tradition hard, more asked an expert to teach him the royal family is formal. He this paragraph of itinerary record, will broadcast in American TV station.

(original title: American man network finds him discovery may be kingly unexpectedly)

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