Uganda president: Company of pressing hope China has investment in Africa

Dispatch will occupy Chinese net on September 28 report of American Yahoo website, new York local time 26 days, national chairman Xi Jinping attended U.N. to develop a peak in U.N. headquarters problem of can intercurrent watch is ” seek collective and sustainable progress to 木制定型模板do cooperative win-win associate ” serious 昌乐县金江建筑模板厂talk. Xi Jinping announces, china will be est建筑模板规格及尺寸BEablished south south collaboration helps fund, head period offer 2 billion dollar to support a developing country to implement agenda of the development after 2015. This action revealed China adequat新松模板股份有限公司ely to bear the blame big country figure, won the wide recognition of recipient country governme建筑模板尺寸国标BYnt, people and international s特级模板SHociety.

Company of pressing hope China is in Uganda president Yaoweilimusaiweini Africa has investment. He expresses, the means wit建筑欧板的规格标准是多少BQh stimulative economy the most signific

ant progress is China opens the market to African commodity. He says: If

com沂源长兴木业e to th

e China of Uganda every year,the tourist 广东建筑模板公司is achieved 2 million, I can feel very happy. (Ding Lijuan)

(Original title: Uganda president: Company of pressing hope China has investment in 混凝土模板价格Africa)

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