Accident of barge against of Xi Yatu trailer coach already was sent 5 die to death Chinese female student studying abroad only 17 years old

Report integratedly according to American Chinese

net: Xi Yatu city produces American Washington administrativ建筑施工模板安全技术规范e division 24 days morning incident of trailer coach barge against, the death toll r腹膜板厂家ises to 5 people, include student studying abroad of a China among them.

According to the report, again a student that gets hurt in traffic accident dies, from this, the student number that because this has traffic accident,dies rises to 5 people. It is reported, this student that just dies is a female, 20 years old, her full name was not disc混凝土模板厂家GFlosed. Current, still 13 people are treated in medical t佰臣木业有限公司reatment center, among them situation of 4 people injury is serious. The others has student studying abroad of a China in 4 victims, police announces this Chinese girl that die is Song Runjie of 17 years old (transliteration: 3 people come from Runjie Song) the others respectively Austria, Indonesia and Japan.

Traffic accident happens local time 24 days in the morning 11 when 15 minutes or so, the spot is Washington city the 99th freeway a 专业建筑模板厂家KPbridge, tourist car of an建筑用模板 amphibian sightseeing 建筑工程模板and the out of control when the line, bump converse driveway the flank of a coach, disaster reachs car of add

itionally two motile. 4 people die on the spot, about 50 people are injured山东富贵荣华木业有限公司, among them 44工地模板施工KH people send towa模板支撑厂家BPrd center of harbor scene medicine and other hospital cure. (Laoren)

(Original title: Dead of elegant graph traffic accident rises to die to 5 peopl

e on the west Chinese female student studying abroad only 17 years old)

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