Sexy female reporter stays in the United States inn is patted secretly by naked according to claim for compensation 75 million dollar

In report will occupy new network on October 18 outside inter无锡建筑模板公司mediary reports 17 days, electrification of the United States’ famous 37 years old of sexes inspects Eileen of sports female reporter Andrew silk (Erin Andrews) , put up for the night of dimension Er city is made in Tennessee accept be patted secretly when restaurant of international of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers naked according to, she asks this restaurant compensates for 75 million dollar now (add up to 480 million yuan of RMBs about) , the reason is the other side is had cannot the responsibility of shirk, because fail to protect individual safety privacy of the client, in just maki

ng her body defect naked take episode.

It is reported, network of TV of Andrew silk inaugural Yu Fusi, and be hold by ABC broadcasting station with the star in all one of compere of beautiful activity of dance true person.

The resta

urant of international of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers that this sexy compere made dimension Er city in Tenness建发木业有限公司ee accept 2008 (瑞轩木业有限公司in room of Marriott At Vande绿地模板rbilt) , by the lay mines spy of adjoining room (the pinhole cinematograph that goes up in wall with installation pats Michael David Barrett) secretly.

When December 2009, lay mines admits to rent the adjoining hotel room of next Andrew silk especially, convenient insta建筑模板价钱llation takes camera lens secretly. Because film exposure arrives on the net, circulate quickly become heat to discuss a topic, lay mines is in especially finally correlation small gain was sentenced two years to be imprisoned partly 2010.

Andrew silk charges restaurant of international of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers and other neglect o工地装木模板标准f relevant staff job and violate individual privacy, tell lay mines spy not o混凝土模板厂家nly according to weighing a staff member, andrew silk will live in this restaurant, still allow him to book adjoining room.

According to the file the record shows, andrew silk says: Because the other side is

minator谦如木业有限公司y,I offer suit of claim for compensation is hi12厘模板多少张一件KDm individual is safe, ca潍坊九鼎木业use individual privacy to be encroached, the harm that this incident brings to I and family is to be eliminated hard, I hope this incident can give this restaurant the warning, in protection guest privacy respect adds an attention more.

Responsibility edits: Ren Shaojie

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