Day intermediary says Sino-Japanese two countries contends for nuclear phone order in Kazakstan Si Tan

Login register intermediary of day of text of news of international of center of news of the云南建筑模板公司 network austral Fujian to weigh Sino-Japanese two countries to contend for: of origin of nuclear phone order in Kazakstan Si Tan? ?2015-10-30 18:5 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metrop工程模板olis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

Will report on October 30 according to reference news net, japanese premier brings times advance 3 in will ending to be mixed to Mongolia on October 28 inferior the visit of 5 countries returns Japan. The each country that brought the visit of ti黑龙江建筑模板公司mes to drive Japanese enterprise to be abounded in the resource reserves such as

natural gas obtains infrastructure order. ” Japanese economy news ” website on October 29 with ” in installing times visit inferior brandish does not go to China shadow ” the report that it is a problem says, this amount exceeds 2.2 trillion yen (add up to 115.5 billion yuan of RMBs about) order project obtains progress to wait, compose was built with in inferior the bridgehead that each country cooperates. Nevertheless, the existence of the China that strengthens force in this one area山东汇源建材集团木业有限公司 sometimes overhand also shadow, japan should develop consequence to still face a task.

Kazakstan Si Tan serves as produce uranous big country to be paid close attenpvc 建筑模板 工厂AMtion to by each country, in fact Russia is breathed out, in Ha Jun signed nuclear report to cooperate

This is Japanese premier since visitting Jierjisi, Dajikesitan and the Three Kingdoms of Turkmen Si Tan 2006 oneself, in be being visited first inferior.

Each country special to this expect. Nevertheless the country of associate of the largest trade of 5 countries all is China, japan is only average 1% the left and right sides. In Kazakstan Si Tan, toshiba strive to obtain order of nuclear power plant, but did not come to an agreement. Retinue discloses, china also is reinforcing go about建筑模板代理商AQ selling an idea to obtain order it seems that.

The report says, kazakstan Si Tan is thought to be close to China especially, presidential Nazaerbayefu considers this state construction from inside Chinese by inferior of join Europe overland, xiang Anbei模板批发建筑 expresses to hope Japanese enterprise also attends, the one area that can say this is dominant of China of support of indirect requirement Japan all the way conception.

The contain such as uranium of Kazakstan Si Tan, wind energy, solar energy, water and electricity is rich, advantage of development cleanness the sources of energy is clear. Country of Kazakstan Si Tan already labelled development g林之源木业有限公司reen the sources of energy one of main way of energy development strategy, raise the development target that green economy is haing economy change before 20绿地模板价格30. This year in May, in wide nucleus and company of industry of nuclear energy of country of Kazakstan Si Tan were signed ” collaboration of development cleanness the sources of energy forgives memorandum ” , the nuclear report collaboration that two countries breaths out in is advanced, make day of contention that just intensified pair of nuclear phone order.


g to the report, how times in each country aggregate the Japanese government that announced to offer 27.3 billion yen develops aid (ODA) , but the free capital support that need not repay is total it is 2.3 billion yen only. Because finance is critical,phonic sound expresses to wait for a reason, compare with amount photograph, (Japan) can stress quality only.

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