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Element of Luo Gong mildew also should be most it is to keep a kind of some drug in the home, the crucial effect as a result of element of Luo Gong mildew is can cure is various affect an issue. Can take below the case that gives respiratory tract to contract disease for instance eat vegetable of Luo Gong mildew. And in the light of teenager children character, human body is experienced more more sensit

ive than growing up, because children of a lot of teenager of medicines and chemical reagents also can not take this adult,feed. Can consequently vegetable of Luo Gong mildew take to teenager children? Element of Luo Gong mildew works it is OK to mix children of the teenager that hang an agent eatMildew element works Luo Gong mixing children of the teenager that hang an agent is eatable. 1, the reason analyses: Teenager c专业建筑模板厂家KPhildren takes feed element of Luo Gong mildew to work mix hang the f高柱模板上市五年成功ollowing infection that place of applicable more sensitive bacteria causes the agent: Bronchitic, pneumonic wait for next respiratory tract to affect paranasal sinus of; of tympanitis of acute of; skin and parenchyma infection; pharyngitis, tonsil is phlogistic, phlogistic wait for respiratory tract to affect (penicillin is cure fester sex the standing medicine of streptococcic infection pharyngitis, also be the familiar drug that prevents wind damp and hot. Element of Luo Gong mildew but reasonable eliminate a guttural department streptococcic infection, but show level to have no cure of element of Luo Gong mildew and the material) that prevent rheumatism to heat up effect. 2, warmth reminds: But the side effect of element of Luo G海子模板价格ong mildew is very big, the child is hollow eat with may give disgusting keck, the disease such as bellyacke. The proposal stops drug temporarily, the child changes medical cure. Element of Luo Gong mildew works mix children of the teenager that hang an agent how to eat1, a day of frequency second: Everyday medicaments of profess to convinced one. 2, take eat kind: In deliquescent water, take the mix before feeding even. But with feed material to be taken additionally feed. Mildew element works Luo Gong how much is mixing children of the teenager that hang an agent to eat1, take eat use amount: Total use volume is 30Mg/kg, last 3 days to give drug, give drug everyday, use quantity is 10Mg/kg; or total use volume still is 30Mg/kg, last 5 days to give drug, give drug everyday, the first day of 10Mg/kg, the 2nd to the 5th day of 5mg/kg. 2, the largest use amount: When with Luo Gong everything of children of teenager of mildew element cure is affected, suggest its always make dosage the biggest do not exceed 1500mg. Element of Luo Gong mildew works mix children of the teenager that hang an agent common problem1, inside cure period, if the patient give建筑模板价格一览表s the symptom of diarrhoea, lv of take an examination arises to enteritis of false film sex. If diagnose is built, should adopt effective remedy, include maintain balance of water, electrolyte, compensatory albumen to wait. 2, the crucial means that because bravery liver system is Luo Gong,mildew element metabolizes, liver function is not complete person discretion is used, compare serious liver ill patient to cannot apply. Take the fixed liver function that follow examine is checked inside medical period. 3, take medical period inside if produce hypersensitive reco模板工程是什么工程rd (like oedema of hemal nerve sex, skin syndrome of report, Stevous-Jonson reachs poisonous secondary action cortical and necrotic wait for) , should stop drug immediately, use measurable the way to deal with a situation. 4, dine can affect element of Luo Gong mildew digest absorb, reason needs to be in before eat after 1 hour or eat 2 hour to be taken orally.

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