Russian intermediary: Gradual progress fearing couplet with a ha is turned over to arm illegally into blow of 2 phase imitate in

Will report on November 6 according to Russia satellite network, zhou Si, the administrative division of A Lamu picture in south of Kazakstan Si Tan,NMSS-2020海子木业 the fox-hunt that haing combination holds in – 2015 army gradual progress enters the 2nd phase.

According to message of department of defense of Kazakstan Si Tan, similar assoc建筑基础工程施工iated actio重庆建筑模板公司n is first home undertakes. 无锡建筑模板公司The target of maneuver is to enhance mutual understanding an建筑模板多少钱一张d trust, communication experience and spread out two army the collaboration between, raise two countries army to be in blow is terr

oristic medium action is harmonious gender and create a condition to maintain全州模板 the peace of this area and stability. Si Tan department of defense points out Kazakstan, this has been the 2nd phase of maneuver. The first phase already had underta新松模板股份有限公司SFken at the in Chinese The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Education Foundation end October. Two co水利模板HDuntries soldier undertook the combination of terrorist of hypothesis of area of clean up border fears the move instead at that time. In the 2nd 汉中

模板厂phase, two countries sol

dier is breathed out in drilling beforehand the blow of set arms illegally the associated military affai覆膜厂家rs of the gang acts.

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