Can Parisian horror assault make the turning point that hits IS? Money of the IS that uncover secret comes from where

Can Parisian horror assault make the turning point that hits IS? Money of the IS that uncover secret comes from where

After Parisian series horror assaults incident happening, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country statement says to be in charge of to this. Subsequently, french president Aolangde is condemned in televised speech, this series horror assaults incident is arm by horror the warlike move that Mohammedan country commits.

The look of the whole world again focusing feels even base organization to this extreme, cruel, cruel terroristic organization. Is it how one pace dilate rises? Why to choose to assault Paris at this moment? Whether can horrible assault incident let the country such as beautiful Russia rise jointly, increase the blow strength that organizes to this? What does prospective whole world fear pattern you can happening to change instead?

Fear raiding after happening

After wearing tall cornopean aircraft carrier, apocalyptic Cheng will go to IS of Persian Gulf antagonism

According to ” now Russia 高唐县金福源木业有限公司” report, france affirms will expedite Dai Gaole date IS of aircraft carrier antagonism, aircraft carrier will set out at 18 days.

France will express to will expedite Dai Gaole date on November 5 aircraft carrier, 13 days affirm it will set out from France on November 18, participate in blow IS after the middle ten days of a month will arrive at Persian Gulf in December. Wearing tall cornopean i模板有什么品牌ANs French navy in exclusive an aircraft carrier, use nuclear power. It can carry plane of 40 fixed alas and helicopter.

France will announced to want to hit IS September, at present it uses 6 to be stationed in the hurricane battleplan in

the Saudi Arabia to reach 6 to be stationed in those who be in Jordan is illusive 2000 battleplan hit ISIS. French president Aolangde expresses, mother of clique set out on a voyage will rise France and fight in coordination federally the efficiency of antag高层建筑专用模板ADonism IS.

The U.S. Army writes catchphrase on the missile of bomb IS: Taking love to come from Paris

On November 13, paris makes a surprise attack by mass terror, horror organizes Mohammedan country to allege responsible to this. The photograph that releases on gregarious website according to foreign reporter, the U.S. Army is before the air attack that launchs subsequently, go up to bomb and missile write down catchphrase to taking love to come from Paris, in order to show the souvenir of horrible to Paris assault and the retaliation to Mohammedan country.

The film that taking love to be directed from Piaiermoruier from Parisian origin ” Parisian spy film (From Paris With Love) ” , those who tell about is an United States explore of senior FBI of Richard of youth of employe胶合板厂家DWe of the embassy that be stationed in a law, France and United States member Wakesi frustrates jointly the story of horrible assault.

建筑模板厂家Remove bottom IS

An Iraq war overthrew Sa to amount to Mu political power, but the Iraq that left a disorder however, the predecessor that organizes Mohammedan country extremely creates the soil that is full of chaos cause建筑模板价钱AMd by war and religious sect conflict at this, syrian civil war and subsequently and the power vacuum that come extended territory quickly to offer an opportunity for it, and the blow of the perfunctory that the United States stems from self to carry out is far did not hurt its bones and muscles.

In October 2004

Its predecessor unites holy battle to organize leader to announce partisan base organizes leader Benladeng, basically be in Iraqi churc建筑 模板厂家GDhyard


In April 2010

Bagdad enlighten be embraced to 建筑木胶板价格AIstand for new leader


Through Yi Xu border land enters Syria, establish an organization that is triumphal alignment

In April 2013

Bagdad announces Iraq Mo

hammedan country and triumphal alignment incorporate Iraq and Shamuyisilan country, namely ISIS

Feburary 2014

Base organ咬合桩导墙模板出租BWization announces to sever as all as ISIS connection

In June 2014

Bagdad enlighten announce to weigh Mohammedan country continuously, namely IS

In September 2014

The United States combines the country such as chief of a tribe of couplet of sand spy, A, Jordan, launch air attack to the IS organization of Syrian churchyard fir建筑多层模板公司BRst

In September 2015

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