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38 degrees pure food alcoholic drink is vest in the pure food alcoholic drink of a kind of small myopic degree, general 38 degrees pure food alcoholic drink Chu Fang period is 12 years of fluctuation, longer taste can produce a few change between the of Chu Fang of p建筑模板的厂家ure food alcoholic drink, can cause wine very easily to enrage the state that becomes shallow, if be the pure grain wine with better quality can between Chu Fang’s more a few longer, or be it is myopic degree tall pure food alcoholic drink also is met between Chu Fang a few longer. How long can be alcoholic drink of 38 degrees of pure food put? Alcoholic drink of 38 degrees of pure food is pure food alcoholic drink inside low spend liquor, storage life of 12 years, acid adds 工程模板价格DFester to decrease, taste of pure food alcoholic drink can decrease, drink a relatively tasteless, wen Xiang of pure food alcoholic drink shoud be able to enough. Aroma liquor is sure to have measurable storage life. Lu wine stores the least 3 ~ in June, it is a year of fluctuation in storage life of Fen of; of a year of above wine more, cogongrass wine provides storage 3 years above. Wine spends general metropolis 40 degrees of above, 40 degrees next labelling low spend wine. Pure food alcoholic drink, it is crucial raw material with grain cereal, wait to ferment for saccharification with wine of yeast for making hard liquor, canzonet or bran music and distiller’s yeast agent, classics evaporate is made, distill of alcohol of saccharification, hair, vapor and the pure grain alcohol of make it. Another namer liquor, jud权明木业有限公司ge water old Bai Gan, burn small knife to wait. Mouthfeel does not have color (or weak yellow) completely transparent,瑞轩木业有限公司 flavour fragrance is authentic, passageway continous is sweet bright is clean, alcohol concentration is higher, after maturing via memory, have with fat kind those who be action principal part is compound model aroma. With music kind, distiller’s yeast ferments for saccharification agent, apply amylaceous (sugariness) raw material, classics evaporate is made, saccharification, hair is distill of mellow, vapor, special brew and cancel shift and brew and all sorts of become wine. And Yan Ke is told on real significance, cancel shift by edible alcohol and edible flavor and become making up wine to cannot be done in order to calculate is pure food alcoholic drink. Pure food alcoholic drink advocate centralized region of triangle of city of Lu of guest of appropriate of the Guizhou Ren Huai in upper reaches of the Yangtse River and reach of bare water river, Sichuan, Sichuan owns whole world operation first-rate of bigger, character is pure grain alcohol grows an

area, it is the Mao Wulu of wine of 3 big China name severally, its are pure food wine industry group the half wall land that carries a chain of industry of our country liquor. Pure 建筑工地模板AVfood alcoholic drink is alcohol of our country’s particular kind of pure grain, it is the whole world alcohol of 6 big pure grain (one of Liquor And Spirits) of liquor of Rum of wine of Gin of wine of Vodka of Whisky of brandy Brandy, vodka, whisky, gold, bright Mu, our country, get by cassava starch or Pei of wine of make it of sugariness raw material or distill of vapor of the classics after hair is mellow. Liquor of alias of pure food alcoholic drink, white did, it is the cooking wine of traditional pattern drink of our country. According to ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” record and narrate: “Liquor is not Gu Fang also, from yuan when establish, its law enters a utensil for distilling water with thick alcoholic drink and flooey (point to the) that fry pan, evaporate makes enrage on, with implement bear drop dew. ” can get thereby, in our country the production of pure food alcoholic drink has longer historical time.

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