Wu Kelan flu already sent dead of 313 people death all not vaccination

Xinhua News Agency base complementary Wu Kelan Ministry of Public Health announced report 18 days on Feburary 18, will discover from last year flu case of illness arrives on September 28 this year on Feburary 14, 木工模板EDwu Kelan already amounted 江苏模板批发AJto 建筑模板有哪些品种W

D313 people because of flu death number.

Bulletin of black Ministry of Public Health says, the dead that has 2/3 does not江苏建筑模板公司 have timely seek medical advice. Analysis of case of illness makes clear, the dead passes flu vaccine without have an inoculation.

According to preliminary cou模板报价单BJnt, it is in 24 cities of black wh

ole nation, city of Sa of southern Ao heart and base the case of complementary city is most 权明木业有限公司施工模板支撑BRsevere, d

ead number is mixed for 40 people respectively 3英成木业有限公司7 people. Come from October 1, 2015 this year on Feburary 14, black whole nation is registered in book flu case of illness amounts to 3.8 million, 9.6% of number of the population that take a surname.

Wu Kelan announces this country is eruptive form黑龙江建筑模板公司ally on January 26 flu epidemic situation.

Lay a material that publish according to Wukelanwei, recently in 10 years, the epidemic situati海子木业-代理CFon of Wu Kelan flu is the most serious a particular year before this is to was mixed 2010 2011, die respectively 282 people and 91 people.

(original title: Number of death of Wu Kelan flu already exceeded 300 people)

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