Nigeria is cleared 20 thousand ” ghostliness employee ” : The baby takes officeholder authorized strength

Regard new government anti-corruption as one part of the job, nigeria from last year the end of the year begins energetically neat government sector takes empty pay appearance badly. Up to now, this country the government already fish is close 24 thousand ghostliness employee, keep clea

r of them from corresponding firewood fulfil list, saved governmental spending greatly. However British media thinks, this number is an iceberg merely one horn.

BBC (29 days of reports say BBC)2 month, since Muhanmodubuhali of Nigeria new president was in power last year oneself, lifted an anti-

corruption tide. Last year the end of the year, expenditure, Qing Dynasty retreats the salary that authorities begins audit government sector to take empty pay staff in the government sector, obtain remarkable result. According to this country a special adviser discloses the Ministry of finance, at present already 23846 ghostliness employee are divided from official混凝土模板厂家 post建筑工地模板 displacement, the wages pay wages or salaries Feburary is pulled than will saving 2.29 billion Nai last year in December (add up to a RMB about 76 million yuan of) . Up to now, the individual information of personnel of govern建筑模板尺寸规格BQment service of more than 300 thousand government has been checked. Respect of Nigeria Ministry of finance thinks, the ghostliness employee that has been kept clear of廊坊清水建筑模板厂家电话 is full pay only the one part in con element.

BBC says, this audit wo亨佳木业有限公司rk is piled up through bank attestation and biology fe

ature differentiates the technology blocks holder to have check to corresponding bank, hold calorie of person in order to decide whether salary of falsely claim as one’s own. Staff member discovery, the full name of many informant and bank card information far from part of be identical; is taken up a political career by investigation personnel the many ways such as government office branch and semiofficial orgnaization get firewood to propose a toast; still has a few to register in book employee pressing root is nonexistent, be be worthy of the name is ghostliness. Kaimiadeaoxun of Nigeria finance minister ever di出售建筑模板ACsclosed before this, official of this state-owned and individual government every months of essentials 20 salary. She suggests this many 20 thousand already checked real ghostliness stuff to turn over committee of economic finance crime to deal with entirely, sue them.

Respect of Ministry of finance says, nigeria government is used at the expense of human affairs branch, 40% what held total cost. To prevent Xin Yibo’s salary the fraudulent activity, accuracy that makes sure salary extends is mixed effectiveness, federally the control that the respect will continue to strengthen pair of salary to extend, plan to begin regular inspection. The government sector returns a plan, electrify brain is used in newest audit project additional audit technology. Meanwhile, officeholder also is promoted into the doorsill of duty. According to ” Nigeria forum signs up for ” 29 days of reports, nigeria retires of military annuities extend the circumstance also got correction recently, extend 19 thousand annuities decreased to get a person on list. Via confirming, these people that get had died.

England ” defend a newspaper ” once announced, the appearance that jobbery of personnel of Nigeria government government service creates working station for family once very general. An investigation 2011 showed this country one person job, family gets the absurd rate with con salary money, still be repeatedly in swaddle, just the baby of full moon becomes a government likely organizing an employee, get firewood reward by the month. Investigation shows, the father of a baby has begun to help its get pay before its are born, and archives shows this baby already obtained degree from some college. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, this kinds of random elephant is in local government department is most gen祥石木业有限公司eral. Because local government is full of all sorts o钢模厂家f false post and ghostliness employee, nobody fulfil the job that the government ought to assume originally and obligation, or undertake without capital at all, quite one part Nigerian feels the sense that is less than existence of local government body.

Lagesi is communal policy expert Shangpusenayaodele ever disclosed to British media, city of Nigeria neither one is nonexistent ghostliness employee phenomenon. These falsely claim as one’s own person not only fleece government salary, after retiring, still can continue diddle annuities. Still investigation shows, a few service personnel that be infinitely resourceful can continue from the dead body even extort surplus value.

BBC says, nigeria is Africa not only the largest economy put oneself in another’s position, also be the biggest petroliferous country at the same time, but latter international oil price drop根本木业有限公司s your the finance state get into trouble of this country, home still is faced with inflation, stock market to drop wait for severe problem, economy is added fast the lowermost level that achieved more than 10 years to come. Before this, treat politics not do one’s best and corrupt problem are perplexing this country for a long time to develop, new government commitment will adopt the aspect that cuts down corruption of expenditure, processing to put delay in order to answer economic pace, reduce the budget deficit of 2016 year. Many officials think, anti-corruption activity place obtains achievement to will help this country answer existent crisis, avoid large-scale cut down the member of persons employed a kind thing happens. [Liu Hao of reporter of round-the-world times engage by special arrangement like that]

(original title: Nigeria is cleared baby of more than 20000 ghostliness employee takes officeholder to weave)

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