Environmental protection organization: Marine 2050 rubbish will endanger 600 species more than the fish

In report will occupy new network on June 29 Malaysia ” China signs up for ” report, peace 山东宁津博汇木业有限公司of green of environmental protection organization investigates Scotland on the spot after 30 beaches, discover each beach is polluted by plastic products, endanger seabird,装配式建筑模板BW s高档建筑模板产业调查AIhark, seal and whale badly live environment.

Green peace es建筑模板参数AEtimates, arrived 2050, 99% native land seabird meet England get down新型剪力墙模板支撑 is certain the plastic rubbish of degree, at the appointed time the plastic rubbish in the sea will compare sea fish much, endanger 600 kinds of different species.

The report says, this organization investigates 30 beach hind in Scotland, discover

every beach stays have water bottle, polybag, 河北建筑模板公司plastic pack reach plastic fragment. During the member that investigate works, more save the gannet that had a body be pesteringed by marine rubbish.

It is reported, plastic surface will be accumulative alga, send out piece similar the odour of small phosphor shrimp, attract a lot o北京建筑模板公司f seabird to eat by accident consequently,建筑模板生产基地 and plastic rubbish is in maritime tox

in was 建筑模板absorbed when floating, sparrow bird swallows marine rubbish to be equal by accident take poison.

In addition, marine rubbish also can make them the choke larynx

, stomach wall that damages th板帮木业有限公司em, crowded even their gastric ministry makes them starved to death.

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