Telangpu ” the door that connect Russia ” add new evidence: The eldest son interviews Telangpu Russia female lawyer

In report will report new net integratedly on July 16, latter, the United States connects Russian door to ferment continuously, the eldest son of American president Telangpu was disclosed recently Ceng Yu interviewed female lawyer of a Russia during American president election last year, try to dig the black makings that goes against Hillary of candidate of president of the Democratic Party.

Recently, media explodes again give them at that time meeting, the Russia before still having turns over intelligence official attendant. This is farther aggravate the accusation that Moscow is suspected of election of interpose United States.

American media reported recently, the Russia before one is called what A overcomes Mei Xin turned over intelligence official to attend small Telangpu and Russia lawyer Weisailinicikaya to will be in on June 9 last year special. A Ke Meixin suffers when visitting, admit to have this matter truly. He this speech makes small Telangpu still is concealed somewhat to meeting circumstance by doubt.

Small Telangpu admitted to see Weisa唐山建筑模板公司ilinicikaya only a few days ago, emphasize already overall explains meeting course. He did not mention Kemeixin having A completely at that time intelligence official is turned over before this Russia attendant.

A Ke Meixin 2009 naturalization United States, it is the famous a persuasive talker that mobile Yu Huacheng pauses at present, ever enlisted in army 1988 at coming 1986 team of Yu Qiansu allied forces. A Ke Meixin expresses, he although ever advanced Russia army turns over intelligence department to work, but never had accepted formal s惠丰木业有限公司销售部py to groom. He also denies himself to still have connection with Russia information branch.

A Ke Meixin says, in meeting, weisailinicikaya took a plastic folder, contain inside committee of whole nation of the Democratic Party (the data that DNC) illegal financing flows. She expresses to small Telangpu, make public these data to be able to expose DNC 临沂商城保森化工经营部effectively to receive illegal fund, those who be helpful for Telangpu enter into an election contest.

A Ke Meixin says, small Telangpu asks Weisailinicikay山东菏泽富亿达木业有限公司a offers more essence evidence to support her argument subsequently, the Nicikaya in Dan Weis桥梁模板厂家ai states this is gotten by Telangpu him group is investigated further. Small Telangpu lost interest later, too impatient to wait wants to end meeting.

A Ke Meixin expresses, he cannot affirm whether Weisailinicikaya’s data is offerred by Russia government, he also does not remember Weisailinicikaya whether giving anybody the data after the meeting, or be keep the data indoors.

Overcome him Mei Xin besides A beyond, those who attend afore-mentioned meetings still have

interpreter of a beautiful Ji Eyi. Group respect has Telangpu attendantly when Kushenna mixes husband, Telangpu holds the pos浩泰木业有限公司t of Telangpu to enter into an election contest the graceful enjoy a life of comfort of the建筑模板价格厂家BF manager is special. This matter already was regarded as Telangpu with media by American the Democratic Party the newest evidence that the group is suspected of connecting Russia.


Xifudui closes to A overcomes Mei Xin, representative of federal of member of American Boule Committee on Information, the Democratic Party is gone to this committee give evidence, provide all relevant data and information.

Rare husband says, no matter A overcomes Mei Xin to whether concern co建筑模板uplet with Russian information branch, apparently the Kremlin has been been informed at that time, telangpu welcomes Russia government to help the black material that provides concerned Hillary.

He still says, small Telangpu conceals A Ke Meixin int福建建筑模板公司entionally to participate in meeting be related, be be masked in cold blood and delusive.

To this, russia government makes a statement say, do not be clear about afore-mentio建筑方木模板ned meeting, also do not know who Weisailinicikaya and A Ke Meixin are.


nsibility edits: Cao Rui

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