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The collagen egg whitening of rich and colorful is contained in pig foot, be aimed at pregnant woman especially and character drinks pig foot boiling water more not only the rehabilitate t海子模板有公司公司hat is helpful for driving human body, still be helpful for driving stimulate the secretion of milk, because pig foot soup is of a kind of large to the body good part this whole,feed capable person. And below the circumstance that warming pig hoof boiling water, major person is to choose soja and pig foot supplement to be together. The article content now gives the person that read young associate people the course of action that unscrambled applied pig hoof to stew soya bean. Raw material: Pig foot, soja. Dressing: Salt is right amount, rice wine, 木工模板EDginger, green paragraph. Course of action: 1, soja in advance invades bubble 1 hour, obligate; Jiang Qing is washed cut a; shallot. 2, after pig foot is ironed with boiled water, unplug clean wool, cut becomes lump, add cold water, ginger piece burn, ; of foam of take out blood3, drink rice wine, put into soja, on the lid, with slow fire stew the; that boil comes half crisp when, add salt, boil 1 hour again. 4, when having po高档建筑模板产业调查AIt, scatter on green paragraph OK. Does pig hoof stew soya bean to have the effect that urge breastAfter calling milk powder event oneself, a lot of mothers so that the mother milk that the little baby of oneself can drink health of heart of the upper part of the body, turn into milk. But a lot of give birth to the child to give milk is insufficient, little nowadays baby has several days to was not drunk the mother bred. Hear a lot of dietot武汉建筑模板公司herapy can urge breast, amid has is soup of the pig hoof soya bean that stew together, is the soya bean of hoof of that Zuo pig that stew very hot have the effect that urge breast really? Most first we go understanding it is how of stimulate the secretion of milk: Pig foot: More albumen, human body is contained in pig foot adipose with carbohydrate compound, can accelerate basal metabolis, slow down airframe ebbs, and the two-way effect that can have stimulate the secretion of milk and hairdressing to protect skin in the light of the lady between lactation. Soja: Flavour pleasant: The gender is lukewarm. Can be good at method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the bloo

d of blood of beneficial of lienal benefit wet J raises blood, dispel poison: Have ” in the beans head ” beautiful praise, contain 8 kinds of carbohydrate with soja different yellow ketone and indispensable body, a variety of nutrition elements reach varied nutrition element, can reduce the cholesterol in blood, prevent hypertensive, coronary heart disease, move prevent strong base to change etc. This soup this expects can ” fill kidney to enrage and foot of be good at waist, grow hydrochloric acid in gastric juice with slippery skin, long muscle can leak more sore; aids hematic arteries and veins to be able to fill milk, relatively the flesh fills especially: ” three is general and multi-purpose at stimulate the secretion of milk, wipe postpartum gas blood two empty, milk is defective: ” renown cure is not recorded ” in feel to be able to issue milk. ” this draft classics ” feel practicable to the woman breeds arteries and veins, slippery skin, rainbow this already nutrient composition urges breast again, and the nourishing boiling water that also hairdressing protects skin action. Because this pig hoof stews soya bean,have the effect that urge breast. Warmth reminds: Soup of this stimulate the secretion of milk is appropriate after giving birth to the child 2 weeks to pass still the mother with insufficient milk. Be like a few mom that be pregnant period inside, this heavy growth is more,东森木业有限公司 or the mother that has complete disease of pregnant woman tall blood sugar, hypertensive put together is unfavorable also take stimulate the secretion of milk of pig foot soup.

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